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FEA stent designFEA analysis stent

Industry leader providing expert simulation and FEA for the design and regulatory approval of medical devices

medical device designmedical device design

Computational models of the human anatomy can be as detailed as required for simulations to improve patient outcome


The implant is aligned nicely with the native outflow track and the user reports excellent health!


Successful companies utilize information and data from all stages of the product life cycle to increase the quality and effectiveness of medical implants

Are you using the best engineering software to advance your product?

We offer state-of-the-art software and simulation solutions regardless of where you are in the product life cycle.

Get a reliable design with expert simulation.

Can you reduce the risk of an audit or a rejection letter from the FDA?

Simulation and modeling offers insight and will identify opportunities to improve and validate your design.  We are a recognized leader providing expert engineering services and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to companies of all sizes.

Increase confidence in your technology.

Do you need expert resources to accelerate product development?

Our 20+ years experience includes physical prototyping, material innovation, measurement and testing. We have ways of getting data that offer new possibilities.

Move faster with expert product development resources.

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