Medical Device Engineering and Innovation

ECHOBIO LLC is experienced in all aspects of engineering implantable medical devices and provides a range of expert services to suit your needs, timing and budget. Our FEA and medical implant design expertise is supported by over twenty years of hands-on mechanical testing and physical prototyping. We have a laboratory, high-speed fatigue test systems, small-scale production equipment, machine shop, and a long list of custom research and proprietary equipment available.

Engineering Design and Simulation Software

We know from experience how many choices you have when investing in or upgrading your engineering software. We know from practice what models are likely to be useful and which solvers are best to run the simulations.

We offer scalable solutions for FEA, CFD and FSI using ABAQUS, STARCCM+ and open-source codes to fit your budget and timing. We help you navigate the various capabilities, trade-offs and license options to produce results now and add value as your product grows.

Model building, data exchange and interoperability in the engineering workflow is challenging under the best of circumstances. A clear path to leveraging advanced simulation software such as finite element, computational fluid dyanamics and multi-physics solvers can seem out of reach without commiting to costly benchmarking and evaluation.

Our portfolio of Software Solutions includes expert consultation, licensing and managed support for the following products:

  • NX CAE

Our Simulation Software Strategy Consultation is a great way to begin working together. Want to learn more? Please e-mail or call to request an initial conversation.

Finite Element Analysis and Regulatory Approval

We specialize in applying Finite Element Analysis to implantable devices and improving their quality, documentation and value.  We know what needs to be done and can help you minimize risk to product development timelines and clinical trials.

Find out how an expert engineering analysis could move you closer to getting regulatory approval.

We can help you identify the best opportunities for leveraging advanced engineering analysis unique to your application. Our experience includes fully coupled multi-physics, Finite Element Analysis  (FEA), Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), RF, heat and mass transfer, modal analyses, optimization studies, etc.

We provide:

  • Design review
  • Boundary condition studies
  • Manufacturing feasibility studies
  • Product optimization and sizing
  • Stress and fatigue analysis

Learn about custom and automated workflows for leveraging medical imaging analysis on the engineer’s desktop.

Ask about fatigue analysis , devices, design and optimization, test protocols and safety factor methodology. We offer customization including the development of user material subroutines (umats) for example, nitinol, biological and other materials, polymers, blood, tissue, bone, etc.

Learn more about our engineering analysis services for medical devices at any stage in the product development process.

  • CE Mark
  • HDE = Humanitarian Device Exemption
  • 510k = Investigational Device Exemption
  • PMA = Pre-Market Approval

Advanced Materials, Product Development and Testing

Our laboratory is equipped with small-scale production equipment, high-speed durability test and measurement systems and a long list of custom resources.

We are particularly experienced with nitinol in medical applications and provide expert services for:

  • Product design
  • Material selection
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Advanced processing
  • Design optimization
  • Performance and validation

We offer custom testing of materials, components and implants:

  • Material characterization
  • Performance testing
  • Fatigue and durability testing

Our lab hosts a world class automated moire interferometry measurement system.  We are independently owned and welcome dialog on contract research or product development opportunities.

If you would like more information about our materials, manufacturing or measurement expertise, please e-mail or call.

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